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Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)

The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) is a multi-faceted initiative to foster collaboration and action around accessible technology in the workplace. Guided by a consortium of policy and technology leaders, PEAT works to assist employers, IT companies, and others to understand why it pays to build and buy accessible technology, and how to do so.

Resources include:

TalentWorks - Typical eRecruiting practices may exclude 1 out of every 5 job candidates from consideration because they are not usable and accessible. This series of tools, resources, and leading practices helps employers leverage accessible technology to recruit and hire the best talent.

TechCheck - This interactive benchmarking tool helps companies and organizations evaluate the maturity of their accessible workplace technology efforts and find tools to develop those systems further.

Employer Guide - PEAT’s Action Steps for Accessible Technology in the Workplace provides a comprehensive roadmap of steps that employers should take to ensure that their workplaces are as accessible as possible.

Policy Matters - Follow policy analysis and news regarding laws and regulations, court decisions, and government resources related to the accessibility of technology used in all aspects of employment.

Webinars - PEAT regularly holds webinars throughout the year, including a monthly PEAT Talks speaker series showcasing energetic and interactive discussions with organizations and individuals whose work is advancing accessible technology in the workplace.

View our joint podcast and training with PEAT in our Removing Barriers Training Series.