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Ergonomics Program

Stephanie Bradley - Ergonomics Program Manager - stephanie.bradley@dm.usda.gov

The goal of the TARGET Center’s program is to support all USDA employees in their efforts to remain safe and comfortable at their workstations. Through consultations, education, and product-related serviices we help protect our customers in the workplace. The USDA Ergonomics Program is unique in providing an overall preventive measurement in allowing employees the opportunity to have an ergonomic assessment, and then employees have the opportunity to sample ergonomic equipment after an assessment.  This approach has provided immediate comfort for employees with obtaining chair fittings, sampling mice, keyboards and other ergonomic accessories. 

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

We meet with the customer at their location or utilize photo to evaluate the process and tools related to a particular job task. From this evaluation, solutions are developed to maximize employee productivity, safety and health. 

National Loan Program

Our onsite inventory of ergonomic equipment allows us to provide customers with the opportunity to try out technology for themselves before making purchasing decisions.  Our National Loan Program bring onsite evaluation to customers around the United States.

Ergonomic Equipment Demonstrations

Our Ergonomics Program Manager is an expert in ergonomic equipment. Customers can learn about the latest ergonomic solutions as part of assessments, in trainings, or by scheduling demonstrations of equipment in the TARGET Center.