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Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

The USDA TARGET Center provides ergo assessments to USDA employees nationwide. This service is provided in-person for local Washington, D.C. area employees. Employees in all other USDA locations are eligible for distance ergo assessments.

Typical Ergo Assessment

During a typical ergo assessment, a TARGET staff member will:

  • Evaluate the individual’s current workstation setup.
  • Recommend adjustments to better fit the workstation to the individual.
  • Suggest possible alternative solutions for the keyboard, mouse, or chair.
  • Set up an evaluation loan of ergonomic equipment, if necessary.
  • Provide vendor information for solutions recommended by TARGET.
  • Prepare a written report of our findings.

To request an ergo assessment, contact the USDA TARGET Center today.

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Distance Ergo Assessments