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Ability Awareness Training

TARGET Center will develop and host an Ability Awareness training based on your specific needs. These dynamic 'flipped' trainings begin with online content for attendees to review on their own schedule. The training class then meets in the TARGET Center or through a Web Connect for meaningful discussion of the training topic. The details of the training depend heavily on the content requested. 

Example Ability Awareness Training:

An office of USDA FNS in Alexandria,VA has recently hired an individual who is deaf. In order to improve the on-boarding process, the first-line supervisor contacts TARGET Center and requests a training for all employees in the office on disability etiquette for working with an individual who is deaf. TARGET Center accepts this request and after discussions with the supervisor, recommends also making the team aware of the technology and services that may be used to accommodate an individual who is deaf. Within several weeks, TARGET provides an accessible webinar for customers to view and learn about disability etiquette. TARGET then hosts the entire office in the TARGET Center to discuss concepts from the training and see the latest technology for individuals who are deaf in person.

To submit an Ability Awareness Training Request, contact TARGET (all customers) or fill out the form below (USDA only). 

*Please note that Ability Awareness Training is separate and different from a Presentation/Exhibit request.