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5 Innovative Products That Will Change the Way You Work

photo of a woman experiencing VR with other exhibit booths around behind her.

One of the great things about being a TARGET team member is that you get to interact with technology and equipment every day that changes people's lives. When we decided to bring all that together in one location for the #InnovationAtWork Technology Showcase on May 15th, we had to be sure to visit with our exhibitors and learn about the latest and greatest innovations. What we discovered pretty quickly is that there was an almost overwhelming amount of new information to share. To make things easier, we'll start out with the top five products:

1. IrisVision VR Headset​​​​​

The IrisVision utilizes a VR headset and a specialized mobile device for individuals with low vision conditions like Macular Degeneration. Features include the ability to zoom in on regions of interest and a 70 degree high definition field of view.

Watch: Videos of Iris Vision and Envision Technology Booth

2. Prodigy Connect

The ProdiConnect is an 'extremely mobile' high-definition digital magnifier with large screen tablet capabilities which are especially useful in educational settings. Individuals with low vision can magnify documents, as well as take notes and use apps in a large format. 

Watch: Video of Low Vision Booths

3. Walkstation

The Walkstation pretty much speaks for itself.  It is a workstation plus treadmill that allows you to keep moving while working.  It is a great way to practice texting and walking. 

Watch: Video of Ergonomics Booths

4. Z70 Videophone 

Videophones are common technology at this point, but when paired with a video relay services, this is where the technology really breaks new ground.  Individuals who are deaf can communicate in their natural language (e.g. ASL) while making and receiving calls from their desk or mobile device to other individuals who are deaf or hearing colleagues and customers.

Watch: Video of Accessible Communication Booths

5. Aira

Aira is one of several devices at the event that you wear on your head, but the only device that comes with a remote guide service. Aira allows you to wear smart glasses that beam video and audio from your location to an agent.  That agent can see what you see and guide you through situations and is best for individuals with blindness or severe low vision. We have a demo model of Aira in the Center that we can send to customers to try themselves.

Watch: Video of Aira Booth

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